Bellewstown, Ireland

Racing on ‘The hill of Crockafotha’ has taken place since 1726. Bellewstown is a picturesque, compact, track in Co. Meath. It stages summer festivals in July & August.

It’s probably most notorious for the betting coup of Barney Curley and his plunge on Yellow Sam. The phone box from which this were done, takes pride of place on the course.

Getting there

Bellewstown is best reached by road, unless you are part of a group going by bus. Racing usually starts late afternoon, so if you want to while an hour away, there’s a good bar directly across the road from the course.


While it may be light on facilities, it more than compensates by way of drawing in great attendances and therefore a very lively atmosphere.

There are dining facilities there, but mainly of the sausage and chips variety. I cannot comment on hospitality, but there is a tented area given over to this, for those that prefer.

There’s always live music and getting a drink with ease, isn’t a problem at all.


A broad cross-section of attendees makes for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The racing is not the highest of quality but highly competitive and a winner’s a winner! Most people make it an annual event including me – such is it’s unique charm.


If after racing you want to go for something to eat, I would recommend the Lime Kiln at Julianstown: The Lime Kiln is about a 10 minute drive away from Bellewstown.